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Inexpensive Pedal Clones - A List January 05 2015

There are a lot of great pedals out there manufactured by some of the big manufacturers. Unfortunately most of them are relatively expensive and will easily cost over £100.

However there is a big market of guitar pedal clones out there. They essentially make the clone sound like the original by using similar components and circuit designs.

All About Wireless Guitar Systems November 03 2014

Even though they've been out for a few years, it's safe to say that many of us don't know all that much about wireless guitar systems. And those that do may be a bit sceptical of them due to a lack of knowledge.

Since we've recently started stocking the Joyo JW-01 wireless system, we thought it was the perfect time to write a quick guide on the systems which hopefully tells you everything you wanted to know.

Joyo Effects Now in Stock October 26 2014

We're really excited to announce that we now stock a range of Joyo products - one of the top names for getting incredible value when buying your guitar gear.

Joyo have been making pedals for several years now, and have gradually increased in popularity as people realise how good their products are for the price.

New Line - Our Range of Stylish Guitar Straps! September 25 2014

Don't you hate it when you're after a new guitar strap, and you've only got two options. Either an incredibly expensive £50+ premium strap or one of those awful plastic feeling ones which will rub your neck raw.

Its for that reason we've created our own line of straps.

They're available for a great price, yet are comfortable and look professional.Here are our first four straps in black, blue, red and tan varieties:

New Pedals and Brands August 04 2014

We're happy to say that not only have we added some new pedals to our Biyang range, we've got en entirely new range - ENO. ENO pedals (sometimes know as EX AMP) are a great new range of mini guitar pedals very similar to Mooer.

They are essentially clones of very popular pedals such as the Metal Muff, Rat and OCD.

However they're available for much less (under £30) and often take up a fraction of the space.

Top 10 Resources & Sites For Guitarists June 09 2014

The web is a pretty big place, and sometimes the good stuff can get lost amongst the mediocre stuff. So you never end up finding it. On this page we've put together a list of the 10 most useful sites we've found for guitarists.

All guitarists are different, so we've done this from the point of view that the reader is a beginner / intermediate player. If you're experienced you probably won't need lots of online resources anyway, although some of the the ones listed on this page can still be useful. Especially if you've never heard of them before.