We're Open! And New on our Blog February 06 2014, 0 Comments

Yep; you heard right. SpartanMusic is open for business. While our range is a little bit limited at the moment, there are new products on the way. We're going to be expanding our range of guitar straps and pedals substantially. We'll be adding them over the coming days and months; so keep your eyes open!

We've also set up our social media accounts (which you can see at the bottom of the page). Right now we're feeling very lonely so we'd really appreciate it if you liked / followed / whatevered us. It's also a good way to hear about offers, discounts and new products which we'll be releasing in the future. If you'd like to hear a little bit more about SpartanMusic you can read our about page.

So What Will This Blog Be About?

Ever notice how a lot of company blogs are 99% filler? Answering ridiculous questions like “What is a Guitar?” or “How do you Buy a Guitar Pick?”. Well hopefully our blog will actually be useful. We'll essentially be writing 3 sorts of post:

  • General site news, offers, and new products.
  • Opinion pieces and general industry observations (these posts will mostly be like a traditional blog post).
  • These will hopefully be the most exciting sort of post - our Education Centre category. These will hopefully teach new players some of the fundementals behinds guitar and guitar gear. There will even be the occasional lesson. Although these will be more to do with getting more from your gear, or experimenting with different styles. They won't be a how to play guitar from scratch sort of guide. If you want something like that, check out this brilliant site.

All posts will be written by me; SpartanMusic founder Mark Jackson. While I'm by no means an incredible guitarist, or full blown guitar technician, I do have a firm grasp of the basics. So hopefully I can teach beginners a thing or two, and answer some common questions.