Artec EDGE-Z Acoustic Preamp



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  • Artec acoustic preamp.
  • 4 band EQ.
  • Built in tuner.
  • Volume control.
  • Battery & jack included.

The EDGE-Z is a 4 band acoustic guitar EQ from Artec. This allows adjusting "Presence", "Treble", "Middle" and "Bass" to ±10dB. The pack contains the EQ, a 9v battery, and a jack + screws. It doesn't include a Piezo pickup, however you can buy that from us here. The battery is neatly mounted in the preamp, and can be easily replaced without needing to dismantle the EQ. The device also contains an LCD tuner.

Installing should be simple as you don't need to screw it into the body of your guitar. However you may need to make the required holes in your guitar yourself. Please note that you should be confident in installing this EQ yourself, or get it done by a professional. We can only provide general guidance and are not responsible if an installation is done correctly.

Measures 90 x 56 x 42mm (HxWxD) and has a curved face.

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