MVH6C Artec Filtertron Style Humbucker



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  • Filtertron style humbucker pickups.
  • Black pickup surround, springs and screws included.
  • Chrome colour.
  • Coil tapping possible.
  • Ceramic magnet.

Great sounding clean tones but also packs more of a punch when distortion is added. These Artec pickups have great treble suited to Rock, Blues, Country and Rockabilly. While these are technically humbuckers, they sound a little bit clearer and brighter than usual while still having minimal hum. 

The bridge pickup has a pole spacing of and the neck . All 12 of the pickups poles can be adjusted. The pickup has 5 connections – pre soldered red and white (split), black (earth), silver (earth) and green (live).

The neck and bridge pickups have an output 5.8k. Please note that this is an unboxed pickup and does not contain installation instructions. If you're having problems with installation please get in touch.

Pickup Size: 3.3x2.4x8.9cm

Colour: Chrome

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 5

Output: 5.8k

Pole Spacing: 5cm(b) 5cm(n)

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