PP-607 Artec Piezo Under Saddle Transducer Pickup



  • Completely passive.
  • High output.
  • Neatly fits under your acoustic guitar saddle.
  • Wide frequency response.
  • 55mm in length.

This Artec piezo transducer pickup lets you connect your guitar to an acoustic preamp. Artec have a long history of providing great value pickups which still offer really good performance. The pickup has a good frequency response combined with a high output. The PP-607 can fit under the bridge saddle of most acoustic guitars.

It is 55mm long with a spacing of 11mm between each of the 6 string sensors. It’s roughly 2.5mm wide and has 2.5mm jack on a cable which can stretch to 7cm.

To use the PP-607 you need to place it under the saddle. Instructions don’t come with the product, but you can easily find some good how to guides online. Let us know if you have any problems! Works best an Artec preamp or other high quality acoustic preamp.

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