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Electro Harmonix Memory Man With Hazarai

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Electro Harmonix Memory Man with Hazarai

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  • Delay pedal with loads of settings.
  • Loads of presets.
  • Save your own settings too.
  • Blend, Decay, Filter, Repeats, Decay and Hazarai knobs.
  • Tap tempo and loop mode.

A highly diverse delay pedal. Depending on the mode you're in the knobs can perform a range of different functions. It can be used to get standard delay tones, slapback, reverbs, modulated delay, reverse delay (up to 6 seconds, with and without delay and reverb.) The loop feature is really cool too - you hold the footswitch down and release when you're done. It'll then play back and you can use the knobs to modify the speed, tone, delay, repeats etc. This is a cool feature and something which a lot of dedicated loop pedals don't even have.

Comes with power supply.

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