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Electro Harmonix Bass9

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Electro Harmonix Bass9

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  • Turn your guitar into 9 different bass instruments.
  • Variation on the best selling MEL9.
  • Dry, Effect, Ctrl1 and Ctrl2 knobs.
  • Comes with power supply.
  • True bypass.

Experiment with great sounding bass tones on your electric guitar. Pick from 9 modes - Precision, Longhorn, Fretless, Synth, Virtual, Bowed, Split Bass, 3:03 and Flip Flop. You can then mix the amount of dry / wet tones to your liking and manipulate Ctrl1 & 2 to adjust sub octave and tone. However these two controls can change function depending on which of the 9 modes you're using. Flawless tracking makes this an excellent pedal full of incredibly usable tones. 

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