Wood Effect Electric / Acoustic Guitar Spring Capo


£4.69 £5.99

  • Guitar capo suitable for a range of instruments.
  • Strong metal design with wood effect.
  • Spring loaded for even pressure on the neck.
  • Padded silicone doesn't cause damage to the neck strings or fretboard.
  • Strong fit with no fret buzz.

A high quality capo which still offers great value for money. You won't find those flimsy plastic designs here. This is a metal capo with a quality steel spring and silicon cushion. Its high build quality means you should never need to buy another capo again.

The top of the capo measures approximately 55mm so should be suitable for a range of different guitar types and styles. Furthermore it's incredibly easy to put on and take off your guitar - it's done with one hand easily! Comes in a professional looking dark brown or light brown colour.


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