Right On! Viper Teal Snakeskin Strap



  • Snakeskin style strap.
  • Suitable for a range of instruments.
  • Vegan.
  • Adjustable from 95-145cm.
  • Made inSpain

When you wear the Viper strap, it seems that carry on your shoulders a sinuous snake. The print is really outstanding with some details and texture simulating this reptile. The Viper is only suitable to the wildest of the stage. Or for those who want to give a shot of style.

This strap measures 6cm wide. And has a long between 95-145cm with the exclusive RAS (Righton Adjustment System) to adjust the strap to the desired lenght. 

The surface of the Viper strap is made of fabric, and the end tabs are synthetic. As in all the MOJO Collection, this strap is made without any animal cruelty. 

The Viper is made of synthetic materials and high tech fabrics with respect to the environment. The materials have been tested, so we can ensure the durability of them.


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