Joyo California Sound JF-15



Sold Out

  • Amp simulator pedal from Joyo.
  • Get that Mesa Boogie amp tone.
  • Can be used direct to PA system.
  • Level, Voice and Drive plus EQ.
  • Runs on a 9v battery or adaptor.

The JF-15 is an amp simulator pedal, it's designed to sound like a Mesa Boogie MK. So it can give you a wide range of sounds from a classic tube tone all the way to fat rich distortion sound right out of the box. However it can be used as a standard distortion pedal too. A great addition to the pedal, like other Joyo's in the Amp Sim range, is the 3 EQ knobs. These really allow you to tweak your tone to perfection.

In terms of build quality, the California Sound is very durable built with its metal construction. It's buffered bypass which shouldn't matter too much if you're using it as an always on amp simulator. It runs of 9v batteries or a 9v power supply.

Current Draw: 4mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: White

Weight: 330g

Unboxed Size: 12x9.5x5.5cm

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