Joyo Flanger JF-07



Sold Out

  • Great sound analog flanger.
  • Customise the sound with 4 controls.
  • Durable metal construction. 
  • True bypass.
  • Takes 9v battery or 9v power supply.

Despite its low cost, you can get some really high quality flange sounds out of the JF-07. It creates that distinctive whooshing noise (which is why there's a jet on there!) that can be altered using the Speed, Width, Delay Time and Regen controls.

Despite these options you can dial in a range of great flange sounds really quickly. It's a really easy pedal to use.

Like all Joyo pedal the JF-07 is true bypass which is essential in a flanger pedal which is being switched on and off multiple times a song. Essentially this means that while the pedal is off, you don't experience any tone loss or colouring of your sound.

The pedal takes a 9v battery but works best with an adaptor.

Current Draw: 12mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: White

Weight: 350g

Unboxed Size: 12x9.5x5.5cm

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