Joyo Pocket Metal JF-35



Sold Out

  • High gain Metal distortion pedal.
  • Volume, Distortion & Mid control.
  • True bypass.
  • Durable construction yet has a relatively small size.
  • Runs on 9v battery / adaptor.

A distortion pedal which can provide you with a surprising large selection of metal tones. From mild distortion all the way to incredibly dirty high gain tones with that much needed sustain. It can even act as a boost when Distortion is turned down. A nice feature is the Mid control which allows you to scoop or boost your mid range allowing you to tweak your Metal tones to perfection.

The pedal has a durable aluminium construction and runs off a standard adaptor or 9v battery. As with the majority of Joyo pedals, it's true bypass. Note- the bottom of the pedal needs to be removed in order to change battery.

Current Draw: 20mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Black

Weight: 240g

Unboxed Size: 15x4.5x8cm

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