Movall MM-01 Scorpion Distortion



  • High gain distortion pedal.
  • Influenced by the Suhr Riot.
  • Light up volume knob.
  • Two way switch between distortion styles.
  • Takes 9v power supply. 

The Movall Scorpion from the Mini Demons range is a high gain distortion pedal. However it also has a ton of useable distortion tones depending on where you set the distortion (or Sting on this pedal) knob - it can go all the way from classic rock to heavy metal.

The MM-01, despite its massive potential gain, still remains really transparent. So you’ll still hear the characteristics of your guitar & setup coming through. In terms of controls, it’s really easy to dial in great tones with the Sting, Tone and Vol controls. The Clip switch provides a subtle change with slightly more higher end.

The Scorpion takes a 9v power supply, not batteries since it’s too small. It also comes with a rubber & Velcro base.

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