Caline CP-33 Looper

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Caline CP-33 Looper

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  • Looper pedal from Caline.
  • 10 minute recording time.
  • Limitless overdubs.
  • Volume control.
  • Undo feature.

Caline have a rich history of providing excellent value guitar pedals and now they have produced a great looper pedal.  The pedal has a 10 minute loop time and an unlimited amount over overdubs. 

When the pedal is plugged in and connected pressing the foots witch once to begins recording the loop (the LED should go red).  Pressing again to replays the loop (the LED should be blue at this point). You can then press the foot switch again, onto red mode, to record another layer of the loop, and again into blue mode to mark the end of the loop. You can do this as many times as you want adding layers to the track.

Holding the foot switch when blue LED is lit clears the previous recording. When there is no light visible the looper has no loop stored. When the blue led is showing press the foot switch twice to pause the playback, and again to resume.

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