Pedal "Power Station" DC10 Power Supply



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  • Low noise guitar pedal power supply.
  • 7 9v DC 100mA outputs.
  • 1 9v DC 500mA, x1 12v DC 100mA and x1 18v DC 100mA
  • Comes with 10 DC cables, 2 reverse polarity cables, as well as the unit power adaptor.
  • LED switch to light your pedalboard.

A great value power supply which can power your pedals with minimal noise. It's much better than a standard daisy chain because it makes much less noise, and can power more pedals (up to 1000mA). A power supply such as this is an essential purchase as you start to get more serious about your setup.

Additionally the power supply comes with all the required cables and adaptors so there's no need to buy anything else (apart from patch cables to connect your pedals together). The unit is constructed from metal so can take a fair bit of punishment. It's only 3.5x15x5 cm so doesn't take up too much room on your pedalboard.

The blue LED lights on the supply can be turned on or off. On they're a great way to light your pedals on stage. 

Note - power supply is not technically isolated but is short circuit protected and designed to eliminate hum.

EAN - 619271991988

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