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Q. Can you get hold of a certain pickup? You don't stock it.

A. Yes, sometimes. However these pickups come from Korea and it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive after we've ordered. We also may not need to order when you put the request in. If you're unlucky we've only just reordered and it could be another 4 weeks until the new one is put in. So please do contact us but allow up to 2 months until we actually can deliver it to you.

Q. I'm a guitar builder, can I get a trade discount?

A. If you order 8+ pickups we can give you 10% off. 

Q. Do these come with detailed instruction on how to wire? How are they packaged?

A. These pickups come wrapped in a foam protective layer which is then taped to stop scratches to the finish. They're not in a display box apart from the Giovanni range and don't include instructions. However we've written a wiring and install guide here.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. Yes, as long as we can sell them as new. We can't accept returns if they have solder on them.

Q. How do I know if it'll fit my guitar?

A. We do give measurements but please consult the official Artec website for exact dimensions. You may need to route your guitar if you're not replacing a like for like pickup or humbucker. Routing is basically cutting the right sized slot in your instrument so it's best done by a pro.

Q. What do these pickups sound like?

A. You can usually tell what they'll sound like from their visual appearance. A lot of Artec pickups are infulenced by a popular pickup. For example the MVH6C is a Filtertron and the ASC90 is a P90. The magnet types are also important. Pickups with ceramic magnets are hotter and have a touch more treble. Alnico are often described as smoother and warmer and sonically superior. But this depends on the genre of music.

Q. What's the difference between Giovanni and the standard range?

A. Quality. The Giovanni pickups are made from better quality materials than the standard range. They're also had more work put into them. Where as the standard range have been infulenced by popular existing designs, Giovanni pickups have original specs with unique characteristics.