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Azor AP-307 The Noise

Azor AP-307 The Noise

Azor AP-307 The Noise

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  • Mini noise gate.
  • One main threshold knob.
  • 2 way hard / soft switch
  • Main knob lights up.
  • Takes 9v power only - not batteries.

The Azor AP-307 is part of the new Azor range of micro pedals. They're built by the Caline company as one of their new brands. This means you know it's going to sound amazing for the price.

The AP-307 is perfect if you've always waned a noise gate but didn't have the space. It even goes one step further than other pedals by offering the Hard / Soft toggle. No extra noise or artefacts in your tone. It's true bypass and takes a 9v power supply (not included). The pedal is too small to fit batteries.

A nice touch with these pedals is that they come with a rubber and velcro floor, just apply which one you'll be using.

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