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Braided 5m Cable



Sold Out

  • 5m (16ft) cable.
  • Durable braided design.
  • Right angled jack on one end.
  • Minimal tone loss.
  • Suitable for electric / bass / electro-acoustic.

Buying a durable guitar cable like this one can be a real investment. As a guitarist there's nothing worse than when your guitar cable starts to cut out & crackle. You know it's only going to get worse from there as you desperately try to get it at an angle which works.

This cable is surrounded in a quality red and black braided material which is stronger and thicker than the standard plastic / rubber material common on most cables. The cable also has one standard straight jack which plugs into the amp, and one right angled jack which plugs into the guitar. This helps further reduce strain on the cable as it significantly reduces the amount the cable is bent. The cable length is approximately 5m so is also suitable for gigging.

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