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Daphon DT60 Tuner



Sold Out

  • Chromatic tuner pedal.
  • Can tune down half a step / whole step.
  • Works with bass.
  • Battery included.
  • LED display.

While a tuner pedal isn't the most thrilling pedal to buy, it's essential for those who want to play gigs or want to accurately & conveniently tune their guitar.

The DT60 from Daphon is chromatic so can also tune bass and acoustic guitars. It can also tune both flat and sharp notes. This is useful for alternative tunings such as drop C. The pedal has a LED display which, after playing a note, shows the adjustments which needs to be made. The pedal automatically picks up the closest note to the one played and displays it. However it's possible to cycle through all the possible notes by making adjustments to the string.

When tuning it's possible to play the note either aloud, so it comes through your amp, or silently. This is controlled via the “output” jack which is connected to the amplifier or rest of the setup. The pedal itself has an incredibly durable design and the tuner is operated by a simple foot switch. It runs of either a 9v battery or adaptor.

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