Daphon E20CH Chorus



Sold Out

  • Great analogue sound.
  • “Speed”, “Width” and “D-Time” controls.
  • Batteries included.
  • Excellent value chorus.
  • Very strong build.

The E20CH is from the inexpensive Daphon range of pedals and is perfect for players who are buying their first effects. This pedal can create a great chorus sound as well as a range of more progressive sounds.

The pedal can make the traditional “slow sweep” chorus sound, but by adjusting the speed it can create something which sounds a little bit crazier. The subtlety of the effect can also be changed as well as the amount the effect is delayed by. These controls in conjunction can create quite a wide range of sounds.

In terms of construction the pedal is built like a tank. It has a thick metal casing which makes it incredibly durable; it should be pointed out that most pedals in this price range have flimsy plastic casings.

The pedal runs on either a 9v battery or adaptor and has the standard in / out jack for connection to your setup.

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