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Daphon E20DL Delay



Sold Out

  • Great analogue sound.
  • Batteries come included.
  • “Depth”, “Repeat” and “Delay” controls.
  • Works with bass.
  • Very strong construction.

Delay is one of the most popular effects out there used in many genres of music. This pedal is for you if you want a low cost delay which still sounds great and can be used to create cool experimental effects.

It has a quality analogue sound which keeps the quality tone of your guitar intact.

There are three main controls on the pedal - “Depth”, “Repeat” and “Delay”. “Delay” simply controls the extent of the effect, “Depth” controls how long the delay lasts for, and “Repeat” dictates the feedback / loop of the effect. Turning “Repeat” up to max allows for the creation of cool feedback effects which can then be sped up / slowed down for crazy results.

One of the best features of the E20DL is how durable it is. It comes in a thick metal casing which looks like it could double as a bomb shelter for mice. It takes a 9v battery which is easily replaced via a removable compartment underneath the pedal. It's also compatible with any standard 9v charger.

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