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Daphon E20PH Phaser



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  • Can make a wide range of phaser effects.
  • “Depth”, “RES” and “Rate” controls.
  • Battery comes included.
  • Very strong metal construction.
  • Works with bass guitar too.

This is the E20PH phaser pedal from the Daphon range of pedals. It provides a great phaser “swoosh” effect which can be substantially modified by the controls. It's a great pedal for bedroom players and casual giggers who want to experiment with a cool sounding but low cost effect.

The phase sound can be modified by three controls; “Depth”, “RES” and “Rate”. Combined these control how obvious the effect is, the length of the phase and how deep the phase is. Changing these can result in a subtle class effect to a more noticeable and obvious experimental sound.

One of the best features of the pedal is its durable build quality. It has a thick metal casing, sturdy knobs and rubber on the footswitch & underneath to prevent slipping.

The pedal also features an “easy remove” battery compartment which doesn't require a screwdriver. It can be powered by a 9v adaptor or single 9v battery.

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