Dr J D-53 Sparrow Driver



Sold Out

  • Drive & DI box bass pedal.
  • Ground lift switch.
  • EQ control.
  • Low, High, Drive, Harmonies, Volume and Mix control.
  • Takes 9v batteries or power supply.

The D-53 Sparrow Driver is the Dr J offering to the DI Driver family of bass pedals. It provides options for adding extra drive, tweaking EQ settings as well as the inclusion of a DI. It's not a drive pedal only; you can actually control the amounts of drive going into your signal. This means the pedal is still a great choice even if you only want to use it for it's EQ & DI features. 

In terms of the sound of the drive, it's similar to a classic tube amp but can also get a little fuzzy depending on how you manipulate the controls. The XLR output is perfect for recording or playing live.

Build quality is extremely good on the Sparrow Driver. From the knobs, to the casing, to the circuitry - it feels like everything is really built to last. Furthermore it has a relatively small size so doesn't take up too much space on the pedalboard. 

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