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Dr J D-54 Shadow Echo



Sold Out

  • Analogue delay pedal.
  • 750ms delay time.
  • High quality components.
  • Compact enclosure.
  • Speed, Depth, Feedback, Time and Level controls.

The Dr J Shadow Echo is an analogue delay pedal which can create a range of delay effects from slapback, to longer delays up to 750ms. You can get a wide range of delay sounds from this pedal from transparent and subtle to all out experimental. The on / off toggle activates the Speed and Depth control. Turning this on can result in some crazy pitch shifter type effects. Also features an LED which flashes the current rate of delay.

The D-54 has some nice big controls so it's easy to use despite its small size. Like all Dr J pedals the Shadow Echo is true bypass and takes either 9v batteries or a 9v power supply. It also has the high quality boutique style components common in Dr J pedals.

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