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Dr J D-55 Aerolite Compressor



  • Compressor pedal with lots of settings.
  • Mix, Attack, Output and Comp controls.
  • 3 way switch.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • True bypass.

The Aerolite Compressor from Dr J gives you plenty of options when it comes to compression. Especially when it comes to its price and build quality.

As well as the standard Attack, Output and Comp controls you expect on a compressor, the D-55 also has the Mix control and the 3 way switch. Mix adds in the compressed signal so you can blend it together with your original signal if required. The 3 way input switch has 3 settings - Low, Med and High. This controls the volume boost of the pedal.

The D-55 comes in a durable but minimal enclosure and has a really cool bobbled metal style paint job. Takes a 9v power supply / batteries and is true bypass.

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