Dr J D-56 Planes Walker Fuzz



Sold Out

  • Fuzz pedal with several varieties
  • Colour, Input and Output controls.
  • Two way selector switch.
  • True bypass.
  • Durable with quality components.

From the great Dr J range of pedals we have the Planes Walker Fuzz. It's great for a variety of tones in the low to medium high levels of fuzz. The two way selector switch has a pretty unique feature in that it lets you choose between Germanium or Silicon transistors. This can provide a pretty big difference in tone - from vintage to modern. Especially when you use it in conjunction with the Colour, Input and Output controls.

The Planes Walker is housed in a relative small enclosure meaning it should take up minimal space on your pedal board. It's also really well designed with the controls being easy to manipulate - there's none of the tiny knobs on micro pedals here. Is true bypass and takes 9v batteries or a 9v power supply.

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