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Dr J DJDC Compdriver Compresor & Overdrive



Sold Out

  • Compressor and overdrive pedal.
  • Jose De Castro signature.
  • Switch to change position of compressor.
  • Tone, Output, Drive and Comp Off control.
  • True bypass.

The DJDC is a special signature pedal designed with Jose De Castro. Jose has played with greats such as Joe Satriani, Scott Henderson and Paul Gilbert. He plays a range of instrumental musical styles from rock and pop to experimental. The pedal itself manages to cut through the mix really well while still maintaining excellent clarity.

There's a lot of scope to sculpt your tone by using the Tone, Output and Drive control. You can also modify the position the compressor comes in the chain (before or after the overdrive). This provides a subtle but noticeable difference. If required it's also possible to turn off the compressor completely.

Takes 9v batteries or a 9v power supply and is true bypass like all Dr J pedals. Takes up minimal space on your pedalboard measuring 13x11x8cm.

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