ENO Auto Wah



Sold Out

  • Auto wah effect from ENO / EX Amp.
  • Level, Peak, Sens and Up / Down control.
  • True bypass.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Metal construction.

The ENO Wah is one of the latest pedals from the excellent value T-Cube range. It's a great entry level effect for guitarists who want to experiment with Wah pedals but can't spare the space on their pedalboard.

The pedal responds to how aggressively you pick the strings. Hitting them hard will activate the Wah effect while playing softly should keep it off. However this level can be adjusted with the Sens control. At higher levels the effect will always be on. It can even inverted with the Up / Down switch (so that picking softly turns the Wah off).

Unfortunately due to its small size the pedal can't take batteries, it only works with a 9v power supply.

Like most auto wah pedals out there, it's best to keep the pedal away from your amp to reduce noise.

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