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ENO CH-2 Chorus



Sold Out

  • Vintage chorus pedal.
  • Analogue build.
  • Highly customisable.
  • Very strong and durable build.
  • True bypass.

One of the smallest chorus pedals on the market! This is perfect if you want a chorus pedal but have limited room in your setup. Despite the small size you can still get a wide range of chorus sounds from this pedal, from barely noticeable to obvious and experimental. The sound can be altered via the "Rate", "Volume", "Depth" and "EQ" controls which allow you to fine tune the exact sort of chorus you're getting.

Furthermore the pedal is robust and reliable made from durable metal with a rubber no slip base. It's also true bypass so won't impact the great tone of your guitar when connected to your setup. Because of its small size the pedal needs an adaptor; it doesn't fit 9v batteries.

Current Draw: 30mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: Can't fit one

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Blue

Weight: 170g

Unboxed Size: 9x3.5x3.5cm

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