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ENO Classic British



Sold Out

  • British high gain distortion.
  • Clone of the Crunch Box.
  • True bypass.
  • Strong metal design with a small footprint.
  • Works with a 9v adaptor.

This pedal gives you that classic British distortion sound and closely emulates the popular Crunch Box pedal. It's a dirty, but rich sounding distortion and can be versatile despite its simple design. Changing the distortion dial can range from Hendrix style tones at lower levels, all the way up to metal with higher settings. There's also a volume and tone control to further tweak your sound.

The ENO Classic measures just 9x3.5x5.5cm so takes up minimal room on your pedal board. However it's well built with its durable metal construction and anti slip rubber base. However, the pedal only works with a standard 9v adaptor / pedal board; the pedal is so small it can't fit a 9v batter into the enclosure.

Despite the different labelling on the video pedal, it's exactly the same as the ENO Classic. 

Current Draw: 7mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: Can't fit one

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Red

Weight: 170g

Unboxed Size: 9x3.5x3.5cm

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