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ENO COMP Compressor



Sold Out

  • Mini compressor pedal from ENO.
  • Sensitivity, Level and Input controls.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Takes 9v power supply.
  • True bypass.

A simple and easy to use compressor from the ENO / EX Amp T-Cube series. This pedal is an excellent way to even out your tone on a budget and without taking up much space at all on your pedal board.

The Level and Input controls simply let you adjust the level of input / output signal. The Sensitivity control is a little bit more complex and will adjust both the level of compression as well as attack - this allows a surprising amount of diversity. Even with most of the knobs at 4 o'clock the ENO COMP maintains plenty of transparency.

Like most micro pedals, the ENO COMP only runs of a 9v power supply and needs a special adaptor to run off a battery. View the ENO collection to find the adaptor.

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