ENO Inferno Distortion



Sold Out

  • Metal high gain distortion pedal.
  • From the Xtreme series.
  • Level, Tone and Drive control.
  • Low Boost, High Boost and Boost Off switch.
  • True bypass.

The Xtreme series is the premium range from EX / ENO. Their build quality is much increased so sound even better than the (already great sounding!) standard range. However, they’re still available at a great, budget friendly, price. The Inferno is the upgraded version of the Metalistik distortion pedal. It can produce some great sounding high gain distortion tones which can be modified further via the 3 way boost switch for more gain that you'll ever need.

Using these controls you should be able to dial in a great Metal / Hardcore style distortion with minimal noise. The build quality of the Inferno is very high with its durable, but small metal casing. Due to its small dimensions the Inferno only takes a 9v power supply, not batteries. 

Current Draw: 20mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: Can't fit one

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Black

Weight: 165g

Unboxed Size: 9x3.5x3.5cm

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