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Joyo 6 Band EQ JF-11

Joyo 6 Band EQ JF-11

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  • 6 band EQ.
  • Minimal footprint. 
  • +/- 18db
  • 100, 200, 400, 800, 1.6, 3.2 bands.
  • Light up dials for easy manipulation on stage.

EQ pedals are essential for guitarists of all genres when they're beginning to get serious about perfecting their sound. The JF-11 6 band EQ from Joyo is perfect if you want to tweak your sound with a minimal footprint on your pedalboard and at a minimal cost. Simply adjust the slider to cut or boost a certain band of your signal up to 18db.

Despite its low price the JF-11 is incredibly silent when active and doesn't add any unwanted noise. Another nice feature is the way the EQ sliders light up. This makes adjustments easy to make when on stage.

Runs on a 9v battery or standard power supply. This pedal eats batteries quite quickly so a power supply is recommended. 

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