Joyo Blue Rain Overdrive JF-311



Sold Out

  • From the new Ironman range.
  • Very tiny design.
  • Blues overdrive.
  • Flip lid design.
  • Durable sturdy metal construction.

This is the latest pedal range from Joyo - the Ironman series. The Blue Rain is a warm but transparent blues overdrive pedal. It keeps the great tone of your guitar intact, but still adds a good amount of drive. It has a Volume and Drive control to modify the amount of overdrive you get, as well as a mini EQ consisting of a High and Low knob. So despite its tiny size, you can still customise the sound quite a lot.

The Blue Rain has as choice of two bases, either a rubber base or velcro base for pedalboards. However, because of its small size the JF-311 doesn't take batteries, it needs a 9v adaptor. 

More in the range coming soon. Send us a message if you'd like a certain Ironman pedal and we'll get it for you asap! 

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