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Joyo British Sound JF-16



Sold Out

  • Classic early Marshall amp simulator.
  • In built EQ.
  • Drive, level and voice controls.
  • Bypass.
  • Influenced by the Tech21 British.

Another great quality amp simulator from Joyo which is practically indistinguishable from the pedal it's based on, yet is available at a fraction of the cost. Because these are amp simulators, it's possible to run them directly into a PA system. But it also works really well treating it as a standard overdrive / distortion pedal if you want some rich early British Marshall tones. 

You can customise your sound a fair bit thanks to the Low, Mid and High EQ control. Using Level, Voice and Drive you can further sculpt your tone and create a diverse range of sounds. 

Takes a 9v adaptor or battery and comes in an incredibly durable aluminium casing which can stand up to the pressures of gigging.

Current Draw: 4mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: Pink

Weight: 330g

Unboxed Size: 12x9.5x5.5cm

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