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Joyo D-Seed



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  • Digital delay pedal with a ton of features.
  • 4 delay modes.
  • Up to 6 seconds delay.
  • Save your delay settings with duel channels. 
  • Powered by 9v adaptor (not battery).

The Joyo D-Seed is a great flexible delay pedal packed to the brim with features. First of all there are 4 main modes to choose from:

Copy - This mode provides a clean and crisp digital delay.

Analog - Provides a warmer analogue sounding delay.

Time - The Copy delay with a touch of chorus added.

Reverse - Reverses the delay sound for quite an experimental effect.

You can further control the sound by using the Mix, Time and Feedback. Mix controls the amount of delay, while Time controls the length (up to 1 second). With Feedback you can control the trail or bounce of the delay. If you'd like a longer delay time you can use the tap tempo feature by pressing both foot switches. This allows you to get a delay time of up to 6 seconds.

After you've done some experimenting and found the exact sort of delay you want, it's possible to save it in one of two memory channels which can be changed via the foot switch. Using the other switch you can simply turn the effect on and off.

The D-Seed comes in a durable metal casing and takes a 9v power supply only (batteries wouldn't last long at all anyway).

Current Draw: 75mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: No

Battery Included?: No

Colour: White

Weight: 580g

Unboxed Size: 14.5x13x7cm

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