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Joyo Dynamic Compressor JF-10



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  • Classic compressor pedal.
  • Level, Attack and Sustain controls.
  • True bypass.
  • Influenced by the famous Boss BS2.
  • Low noise.

A good all round compressor pedal from Joyo. The JF-10 is a great pedal for mild compression which nicely evens out your overall sound on cleaner guitar tones. If playing with a little bit more distortion, you'll find the pedal makes your riffs a little more prominent and clearer. 

There's good scope to control the amount of compression with the Level, Attack and Sustain knobs.

Unlike some compressor pedals the Dyna Comp has minimal noise, even at higher settings.

In terms of construction, the JF-10 has a durable metal casing which can withstand the pressures of gigging. It also has a true bypass switch which ensures you don't suffer any tone loss when the pedal is inactive.

Takes 9v batteries or a compatible adaptor.

Current Draw: 8mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: Green

Weight: 290g

Unboxed Size: 126x5.5cm

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