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Joyo JW-01 Wireless Guitar System



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  • 2-5 hour of play after charging.
  • 20-30 metre indoor range, 50+ metre range outdoors.
  • Works with all electronic musical instruments.
  • Simple to use & setup.
  • Digital 2.4Ghz transfer.

The Joyo JW-01 is one of the best digital wireless guitar systems in its price range. It lets you get rid of those annoying guitar cables and lets you walk around your room / house / stage freely.

Although you'd think it could be a little tricky to use, nothing could be further from the truth. All you need to do is plug one end into your guitar, the other into your amp (or effects pedal), press the auto sync button and away you go. Charging is also really easy and can be done via a USB system.

One of the best features about the system is that it's digital. This means you don't get interference from other devices such as phones, radio and television signals. Also the quality is  higher than an analogue system because the signal doesn't need to be "squashed".

It's perfect for practising, home use and perhaps casual gigging. However if you're a professional musician then perhaps look for a more expensive system as opposed to this inexpensive option.

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