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Joyo R-01 Tauren Overdrive

Joyo R-01 Tauren Overdrive

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  • The Tauren pedal nails the classic emulation of a saught after low-to-medium gain overdrive guitar pedal at a great price.
  • Where other classic ‘clones’ have fallen short, the Tauren from JOYO produces a warm transparent overdrive that adds dynamic gain to the signal without altering the tone of the guitar.
  • Volume, Gain and Tone controls are all you need here. This pedal has the sound of a mythical dynamic overdriven tube amp in a box.
  • This pedal is perfect for adding a clean boost, transparent overdrive through to warm overdrive / distortion to your tone.
  • The R Series, or Revolution series from JOYO are the 4th generation of guitar effects and all feature some very cool ambient LED lighting.

The Tauren pedal adds a classic low-to medium gain overdrive to your electric guitar signal. It delivers a warm transparent overdrive that adds dynamic gain to the guitar signal without changing the tone of your electric guitar.

The user interface is simple with volume, amplifier and tone controls. Different settings allow the Tauren to unlock different tones - from pure boost to transparent overdrive and from warm overdrive to subtle distortion.

To make the tauren more visible on the pedalboard, Joyo has equipped the pedal with LED lights on the bottom and top of the pedal housing. The light can be controlled by a switch on the back of the pedal, where there are 2 different lighting modes to choose from, as well as turn off when you need to save battery.

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