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Joyo R-11 Baatsin Overdrive

Joyo R-11 Baatsin Overdrive

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  • 8 mode overdrive.
  • Loads of classic Joyo overdrives in one pedal.
  • Vol, Tone and Gain knobs.
  • Analogue circuit.
  • 30mA current draw.

There are so many classic overdrive and distortion pedals out there, we just wanted a pedal board with them all on. We selected our favourite best selling JOYO overdrive pedals that are all based on the classics..

With 8 Legendary Overdrives, we have put them together to make the Baatsin, an analog true bypass overdrive representing some vintage and modern classics. The name 'Baatsin' is taken from the Chinese legend of the 'Eight Immortals' eight Taoist warrior gods.

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