Joyo Vintage Overdrive JF-01



Sold Out

  • Great Tube Screamer style overdrive effect.
  • Drive, Volume and Tone controls.
  • True bypass foot switch.
  • Standard 1/4 in / out.
  • Takes battery or 9v adaptor.

The Vintage Overdrive is one of the most popular Joyo pedals on the market. It's a clone of the classic Tube Screamer. Not only is it a great clone, additional improvements and tweaks have been made which can actually make it sound even better to some ears.

There are three main controls - tone, drive and volume which let you get quite a few different smooth overdrive tones out of the JF-01.

For the price you really can't beat it! For both new and experienced players alike it's a great deal and will almost certainly exceed your expectations.

The JF-01 takes either a 9v battery or adaptor and comes in a durable metal casing.

Current Draw: 7mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: Turquoise

Weight: 290g

Unboxed Size: 12x6x5.5cm

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