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Meris Ottobit Jr.

Meris Ottobit Jr.

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  • Make your guitar sound like a classic games console.
  • Incredibly fun to use!
  • Sample Rate, Filter, Bits, Stutter, Sequencer and Sequencer Multi knobs.
  • Use expression pedal to modify parameters on the go.
  • Tap tempo settings available.

You can spend days playing with this pedal, it's one of the most fun we've ever tried. The Ottobit can do so much; it's a great mix of bit crusher, filter, fuzz, stutter and sequencer. It does take a lot to fully get to grips with this pedal, especially when you consider the secondary functions. But it's definitely worth it. Combining with reverbs and loop pedals just multiplies the stuff you can do with the Ottobit.

It truly is an instrument in its own right! You're only limited by your own creativity.

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