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Meris Polymoon Delay

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Meris Polymoon Delay

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  • Modulated delay pedal.
  • Dynamic flanger, phaser and chorus.
  • Up to 1200ms delay time.
  • 16 built in MIDI presets.
  • Time, Feedback, Mix, Multiply, Dimension, Dynamics and Alt functions.

The Polymoon is an incredibly interesting pedal. It can do excellent sounding normal sounding crisp and clear delay going all the way through to reverb-like tones. However, it excels when mixed with the even more interesting features of the pedal. It can do flanger, phaser, chorus, filter, and octave delays all in a range of different patterns. You can apply these direct to your dry signal so you can hear just the modulated tone if you wish. You can easily spend hours experimenting with this thing!

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