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Mooer Low Fi Machine



  • Micro sample reduce pedal.
  • Wide range sampling rate/depth reducing effects.
  • 3 modes for using guitar, bass, synth or sound player.
  • Full metal shell.
  • True bypass.

The Mooer LoFi Machine is a bit crusher pedal for lofi 8-bit sounds. We all want the sounds of glitchy Nintendos and now you can get it with your guitar! Find the perfect interaction before bitrate and samplerate to get the ultimate glitchy tone. If you're not sure what we're talking about make sure you check the video!

True bypass ensures you tone remains unchanged when the Mooer pedal is disabled and the rugged metal construction is tour worthy!

The compact form factor makes it super easy to add this to any pedalboard but please note it's too small for fit a battery in so it needs to be supplied with standard 9v DC power.

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