Movall MM-03 Firefly Overdrive



Sold Out

  • Low gain overdrive pedal.
  • Responsive sound.
  • Mad Professor Sweet Honey style sound.
  • True bypass.
  • Light up knob.

A warm sounding overdrive pedal from the Movall Mini Demon range. The MM-03 is a fantastic pedal for blues and cleaner genres of music which still need an occasional punch. Reacts very well to your play style.

The Firefly has 3 main controls – Vol, Touch and Glow. The Touch control actually isn’t a Tone control on the MM03, it’s a way you can control how dynamic the pedal is. So turned down it’s slightly compressed, and turned up it’s more dynamic and open sounding. It responds really well to how hard you pick. Like other Movall pedals the Firefly has a unique name for the distortion knob, on this pedal it’s Glow.

Due to its small sie the MM-03 only takes a 9v power supply – not batteries. The pedal is true bypass so doesn’t impact your tone whn off. Velcro and rubber base included.

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