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Movall MM-04 Centipede Analogue Delay



Sold Out

  • Analogue delay pedal.
  • Level, Repeat and Time control.
  • Delay time of approximately 0.750s.
  • True bypass.
  • Durable & reliable construction.

The Movall Centipede MM-04 is an Analogue delay pedal from the Mini Demons range. This pedal excels at well defined strong delay and is equally suited to slapback as well as longer delays. Because it's analogue you get get some really cool experimental sounds out of the MM-04 by manipulating the Repeat and Time controls. 

It's really easy to get a range of great tones out of this pedal by using the level control, which dictates the volume of the delay effect, repeat, which can change the bounce of the delay, and time, which controls how long the delay lasts.

Like the other Movall pedals in the Mini Demons range, the Centipede is true bypass, has a cool glowing Time knob, and has a changeable rubber / velcro base. It also only takes 9v batteries due to its small dimensions.

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