Movall MM-07 Plexi Troll



Sold Out

  • High gain tube distortion.
  • Great tonal response.
  • Marshall-Plexi sound.
  • True bypass build.
  • Gain, Tone & Level control. 

The MM-07 Plexi Troll is from the new Mini Demon series which have been receiving some rave reviews. This pedal is perhaps one of the best on the market for that creamy saturated plexi tone – especially compared to other pedals in its price range. It really packs a punch despite its small size.

A really nice feature is the way the Fury knob lights up when the pedal is in use – this looks much nicer than the standard “on” LED. It also makes it a little easier to adjust the knobs in poor light. The Fury knob just changes the amount of distortion, the other two controls – Vol and Tone, are self explanatory.

The MM-07 uses a standard 9v power supply, but because of its small size doesn’t take batteries.

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