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Movall MM-11 Choral Mermaid Chorus



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  • Mini chorus pedal from Movall.
  • Level, Depth and Sing control.
  • Glowing middle knob.
  • Analogue circuit design.
  • True bypass.

Another great pedal from Movall. The MM-11 can create a wide range of chorus tones from very subtle all the way to intense. It also works well with or without distortion and in conjunction with other effects.

There are 3 main controls - Level, Depth and Sing. Sing is essentially the rate control and dictates the speed of the chorus. Depth lets you control how high the chorus wave is and level lets you set the amount of chorus in the mix. Like all Movall pedals the MM-11 is true bypass. It also comes with a non slide / velcro base which you can swap if needed.

It runs of a standard 9v power supply and doesn't take batteries due to its small size.

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