Movall MM-12 VanGolem Phaser



Sold Out

  • Phase pedal with a touch of drive.
  • Dial in a wide range of tones.
  • Light up knob.
  • Feedback, Width and Rock controls.
  • True bypass. 

Although the MM12 is influenced by existing phaser pedals out there, it does have its own tone. You’ll notice that the pedal adds a touch of drive when active, how much drive exactly depends on the settings on the pedal. With the Van Golem you can get very subtle phase, experimental bite-y phase (by manipulating feedback) and even wah like tones when reducing the phase speed.

Many other phaser pedals around this price just have the single knob, with the 3 knobs on the MM12 you can have a lot of fun experimenting with the different tones this great pedal can produce. It really excels at distorted lead tones, so this pedal is great if you’re after that.

Like other pedals in the Mini Demons range this pedal is true bypass and has a rubber / Velcro base. 

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