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Movall MM-06 Busy Bee Preamp Boost



Sold Out

  • Preamp boost pedal.
  • Influenced by the Xotic BB Preamp.
  • Takes a 9v power supply.
  • Glowing gain control.
  • Rubber / Velcro bottom included.

The MM-06 Busy Bee from the Movall Mini Demons range is a boost pedal with a ton of potential uses. It can be used with a range of other pedals, or simply on its own to thicken up your sound. It has a nice warm yet punchy / chunky tone when used by itself (and to a lesser extent when used with for example, a distortion pedal).

On the Busy Bee there’s a 2 way EQ – Hi and Low, along with the Buzz (distortion) knob and usual volume control. This means you can really get the sound you’re after with enough tweaking – the sound can really clean up when using the volume control too.

The pedal takes a 9v power supply only, is true bypass and comes with both a rubber and velcro base.

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